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Some tanks might require special treatment, but I believe that every complain, whine and rage that will come, will effectively come from that kind of people that will never be satisfied with anything, so they should not be taken seriously. SickSix, on Feb 24 - If they're gonna remove pref MM in exchange for buffs I can kiss goodbye to my Churchill, it's only good aspect was that you never had to face tier 7s on that thing. I'm curious about E 25's fate, you can't take its pref.

Another subject is tier 4 heavies, the D. FillmoreGraves, on Feb 24 - Actions from other players around a player, can influence and change how much experience he earns for example. The subject of changing Premium vehicles is a delicate one. Individuals who purchased Premium vehicles subsidized the ability of Wargaming to make a profit. Wargaming could do the following as a choice for owners of limited match-making Premium vehicles: Brids17, on Feb 24 - Community Forum Software by IP.

Search Advanced Search section: Fair warning the translation at times is iffy and better find a place to plant your butt because this is quite the read. Pref MM tank changes https: For example, spotting an enemy for the first time, or close combat give different amounts of experience.

Wargaming considers seeing Damage, Spotting and Damage Block enough data for players to see during the battle. Adding Experience would be difficult and very confusing for the player. Once the battle is over, the player will receive the rewards. During the battle would be too confusing. Ratings for Ranked Battles will be calculated immediately after the battle. Wargaming will investigate how they can change the experience system to make it clearer. Hall of Fame was more or less successful and Wargaming likes it. Anomalies detected will be definitely changed, but there are no plans to radically change the experience formula anytime soon.

Again, you read what you wanted to read not what i wrote. All i said is foch is a complainer.


He even advertises about him being salty. Its his thing, some people like that. But dont you think for a minute that i or anyone forgot Foch used to also be a community contributor before he got the boot. Dont act like qb is some sell out man, foch did the exact same thing. Yeah but think why hes complaining, he has every right to do so. I never said qb is a sellout.

Qb is always trying to find a good solution for everything that wg is doing wrong, but did that ever change a lot?

If everyone would go against wg maybe theyd start to take a step in the right direction. Sorry for criticizing your Youtube messiah but he should also start to speak up for the community. I got nothing against him, I watch all his videos, I dont hate him.

But MarkGfl or AgingJedi said whats wrong - he doesnt want to be associated with WG in their current state and what they are currently doing. Whhen Foch left it was by far not as bad as now. Yep got hatemail the other day from a guy in a FVB because i used premium to pen his turret in my tier 8 because he was hull down.

If i am two tiers down i will gladly send some gold rounds your way and sometimes even if i am not.


all gold ammo is back

People who set rules about how the game should be played and want to enforce it on others vs using everything you've got to win are scrubs. As much as I hate the Waffle, Deathstar, arty and whatever else, I'm never going to hate the people using them. I can't hate someone for playing the game. Unfortunately im a man of integrity and arty must be bundled with it despite the dishonor it brings to those who play it and their families.

Where do I claim my reward? USDA prime rated scrub right there. Glad hes letting us win a few by not going all out and showing us what he learned from studying the blade. I'm sure if you saw someone win a fight with one hand tied behind their back you wouldn't be impressed then.

I'm only referring to if the guy is good. If they kept losing then yes, they don't have a good point to make. Enforcing people to do anything should never be considered a good thing.

Talking to others and stating that maybe premium rounds are not a good thing for the game and setting out suggesting points to improve should however be heard, considered and not shunned. True, and I support that. My opinion is shell variety is nice, and the game as it is without a major overhaul of the guns and armor is balanced with premium in mind. If I'm low on silver or just playing "for fun" I'll only use premium when the going gets tough Damn right I'm loading premium.

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Heat I'm more sparing with because its situational. Eh, at least people can buy premium ammo with silver.

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Not saying premium ammo is a good idea by any means, but it could have been more p2w. That first one for sure. But king of the hill has to be the Patton line. Just another way of raging at the way WG refuses to balance the game so that you don't end up in situations that require gold.

That matchmaking... WoT 0.7.2 - IS3 - 4,7k dmg - 1345 base XP

Personally, I hate when you get the hate mail from someone for using an APCR round that they seem to think is premium and then you watch the replay and they're throwing premium around themselves. I used to have a problem with gold ammo when it only cost gold, but not anymore cus you can pay in silver now. Interesting example for me at least. I hated the T28 prototype until I started judicious use of gold ammo. If you use gold rounds at the beginning of a match, particularly on a city map, to punch through the front of the red heavies, it often makes them back off.

Then you've pretty much got them. For someone like me, who barely ever plays armoured tanks, it was a revelation to be able to bully other tanks.

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  • Maybe, since you can use silver to obtain it now anyway, it simply needs "rebranding". Make it part of a gun upgrade and call it "improved" or "advanced" ammo and the issue will disappear. I just have a slight problem with your argument. This being that firstly this is a game and some realistic features do not translate well in a gaming environment. Premium rounds in particular cause an issue for a couple of reasons:. First there are premium shells with different pen, so some tanks have a clear advantage over others.

    Secondly some tanks have much better armour than others, so your're Es Type 5 Heavies and Jg.

    all gold ammo is back - Gameplay - World of Tanks official forum

    This is not a new thing I roll out with a few gold shells just in case I run into a higher tier heavy or TD I dont think I can handle with standard shells, or better yet, when I can't afford to have 4 out of every 5 shells bounce on him when he pens me every shot. This is it, everything you say is what happens they just don't like a T57 loaded with premium aiming at an E, he backs off and the centurion 1 appears, you aren't going to reload for him are you! Don't listen to shitters. Bad players think of any excuse they can, other than that they are a bad player.

    Gold ammo has been used an excuse since the conception of this game. It may not be smart, but it's better than not shooting premium ammo when you really need to because of some misguided stupid "honor" systems.

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