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My best girlfriend of 25 years is also almost 10 years younger than me. I just think after you are past your 20's or so age is how you feel not what's on the calendar. Maybe I've been fooling myself but it has been working really well for a long time for me at least. One of the most mature men I've ever dated was couple years younger than me, and I've sure made the mistake of dating older men assuming they would be more mature.

I never really noticed the age difference with the younger fellow. I don't think it's so much about age but maturity witch often relates to age. Dated a guy 4 years younger. Like me already knowing a lot of 'adult' things and him just having a license. I'd date a little younger again but not 4 years like before.

Dating a Younger Man – Good Idea or Not?

At the age I am now it's too much of a developmental difference. Hmm, maybe it's just coincidence? I happen to coincidentally like younger guys even by just 1 month but if I find out they're older I still like them. Think of it this way. That 20 year old is whatever person she is. If she is with a 25 year old, she is just herself, if she is with a 19 year old, she is just herself.

She isn't going to change all of her wants and needs and sexual dominance from dating two different guys who are different ages.

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I actually learned in my adult development class today that women tend to have their sexual peak in their 30s and men tend to have theirs around ish I say 18 for the legality of it, it's more like So it makes perfect sense for younger men to get together with older women. I myself have never dated anyone older than me and it suits me well, but I'm not 30 yet so I guess there's still plenty of fun to be had. Nah, guys' "sexual peak" is from 18 to freakin 50 at least. If you count being able to produce offspring as part of the definition, it would stretch even farther than that.

I'd say that women have a peak from 18 to 40, tops. I will agree that it depends on your definition, however, the way the definition was being used was in relation to when their sex drive was highest. Therefore, a younger male with an older female are more likely to have matched libidos, which, as we all know, is a very important part of a successful relationship. To be perfectly honest, the libidos of a healthy, fully-functional male, and a likewise healthy female with never match up.

The testosterone levels of each are way too skewed to allow that.

Haters gonna hate.

Examples of this are evident when female body builders artificially jack up their testosterone levels to that of a man. They state that side effects are vastly increased libido, among other things. Even at the peak of ovulation, male libido is unmatched, once again provided that the male is healthily functioning. Don't know how to use a flair in here, but I'm a dude sorta lurkin around here and I'd like to comment on something.

A female friend of mine thought it was weird to date younger guys. Specifically referring to me. The age difference is just under 2 I believe. Even we are in our young 20s, and 2 years isn't a lot. I can only imagine my grandparents' reaction if I told them this 7 years difference. Anyways, I'd just like to say I'm a male, not necessarily mature for my age, but I tend to 'go' for women who are a little older than me just a few years and I'm not sure why, and definitely not for dominance reasons, but it makes me sad when I hear women be like 'eww, he's YOUNGER than you?

He was just so gosh darn enthusiastic and literally could go all night long.

It was the best. He wasn't all "oh, I have to be up early", he was all "Get on it. I recently re-entered the dating world.

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I have found so far that the only women I can relate to in bars tend to be those that are older than me. The women my age tend to have little life experience and often self-centered views of the world. One woman I've been spending time with is 10 years older than me, and that plays absolutely no role in how I see her. Why was this removed? I dated an 18 yr old when I was I thought he was older the first time I met him though, and he certainly didn't act younger. But I'm pretty immature to begin with so maybe that's why we got along.

It didn't work out in the end anyway cuz he was mean to me, but I doubt it had anything to do with the age difference. It didn't work out because he was very immature. It may seem anecdotal, but I've known a few women who dated younger men and they just weren't at the same stage in their lives. The same could be said of older men and younger women. What are you looking for? You'll need to find a woman looking for that same thing, regardless of age. I married a guy nearly six years younger he asked me.

It didn't last but I don't think that was because of his age. My boyfriend is 4. It's just like a normal relationship? We're in the same place in our lives and generally on the same wavelength. I dated a dude 10 years younger. There were absolutely no submissive tendencies on his part - we were equal partners. The age difference never mattered to us - or our families or friends.

Everyone was super supportive because we made each other happy. However in the end we were just in different life stages. That and he started lying to me a lot. It was fine and like any relationship. Except there are always things they didn't understand about the place I was in life. When they were serious relationships, it was honestly just annoying.

Because you love this person but you know, they aren't doing anything wrong, and they will never catch up to you. Thats more of an individual thing. All three times it was obnoxious, and I swore I'd never do it again. I need a guy that's on my same level. Currently I am dating a guy 7 years younger. Actually he is more mature than me, so we work pretty well. I don't think age alone has a whole lot of anything to do with the real spark or lack of it between two human beings. Younger men may may! Only in high school.

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  6. I dated a freshman when I was a sophomore, then a freshman when I was a junior, then briefly a freshmen when I was a senior. The first didn't seem weird as he was only 4 months younger than me. But the rest felt weird. But since that was high school, it's not really "dating. I'm a 25 year old mom, so I doubt many 23 year olds would be prepared to or interested in dating me. Also OP just because she's older than you, it doesn't mean she'll want to dominate you. The two don't always correlate.

    Even if I dated a 21 year old right now, I'd still prefer him to dominate and not take our ages into account in the bedroom. I am 26 and recently dated a 19 year old guy. He was a very nice, mature guy at least for a 19 year old man , but he was just starting to enter his "party-phase". I knew we weren't compatible as soon as he started referring to the fun events I brought him to as, "sick" I'm entirely too square for that term, but I'm assuming it's slang for "cool".

    He was one of those guys I had to slowly drift away from, because I could tell his conflict resolution style would not be as mature as my methods and I don't need the extra stress in my life.

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    We're only a year and a half apart so I've dated men older than him who are way less mature than he is. I had two guys send me buff muscle gym pictures on one week. I had just met both of them and it was in my single days so they had my number but no date yet- both of them were 4 years younger than me and that's when I realized I wouldn't so willingly look beyond age. I dated someone for awhile who was younger then me by about 7 years after my divorce. He was out of college, had a solid job, had traveled a little, had his own place,etc. Not sure if I could chalk that up to his age or his lack of parenting, but it just didn't work out.

    My ex was 7 years younger than me.

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    I didn't see any differences. My current boyfriend is 5 years younger than me, we get along swimmingly.

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    Mostly we were fine, but there were times I found his youth frustrating. He was about 4 years younger than me and we dated for a couple of years starting when I was We're still good friends. The idea that youth corresponds to submission and age corresponds to dominance has never even crossed my mind, as a male.

    Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind this?

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