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About three weeks now. Amy draped an arm around your shoulders gently. Originally posted by luvinchris. Originally posted by thewincheters. Posts Random questions are welcome. Requests will take a while. Submit a post Archive. Silver lining to Into The Spiderverse: At least Gwen got to see Peter grow up.

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Wow, I haven't posted in a while. Maybe I should publish something or at least apologise? Nah, just keep browsing through your dash without updating. You had never seen this expression on her - she looked like she was dead inside. You were getting more and more confused by the second - you pushed passed anyone that came in your way as your steps became more frantic. You needed some answers. He was with a blond woman whom you failed to recognize immediately and Max.

Eric turned to look at where your voice came from and he muttered something under his breath as his eyes met yours.

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All three of them turned around now - and you recognized the woman as Jeanine Mathews, the leader of Erudite. What is she doing here? You focused back on Eric. What does that mean? What were you left out of? Eric muttered a curse under his breath and looked up from his feet.

Forgot she was still in my bed when I left. Enough of the talking. This is not her smartypants faction. He looked uneasy as he found the words to answer you. You have never seen Eric, the confident, cocky, smart Eric struggled with his words. It was rehearsed - those were not words that Eric would use.

It made your heart thump. You looked for his stormy blue eyes - no matter what face he puts on, his eyes never lie.

But you saw nothing tonight. It was steel cold, and it chilled you to the bone.

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Eric leaned in to inject you. He brushed your hair back gently like he did a few hours ago when you were pinned under him and he assured you that he loves you. His breath tickled your neck. The cold needle penetrated your skin and the blue liquid immediately traveled through your veins. Seconds passed, and even minutes. Nothing happened to you. The commotion surrounding the four of you never stopped, but your world was frozen in time. His hands were shaking, his lips agape, his eyes glassy.

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For the first time, he looked frantic and lost and terrified. Fuck, he was terrified. Eric held his pistol up with hands that were violently shaking.

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You finally realized he was going to shoot you, right here, right now, and there was no escaping. No tears came to you. You stood there, numbed, confused.

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It all happened so quick - nothing that happened tonight made sense to you. It felt like a bad dream that was too real, but this was real life, you knew somehow. He will never kill me. It was heartbreaking to see him holding back sobs and blocking tears behind his eyes. His hands were shaking so violently that you were starting to think he might miss your heart and shoot somewhere else less important, and you would have a chance of surviving this terrible, terrible dream. But Eric never misses. Amidst all these chaos, you found a sense of peace.

At least, at least you could die loving the man you love. There was a sense of finality in that moment. You have made peace with the sudden news of your death, which would happen in the next few seconds or minutes, and you felt strangely happy to realize that Eric will be your first love and last love - the first person to welcome you into Dauntless and the last person that you saw in Dauntless.

He meant the world to you - and in his sadness, you were certain that you were his, too. Because, at least, he showed you love, and passion, and all the wonderful things in the world that you had no words to describe.


The gunshot was deafening. It hit the left side of your chest. A little piece of scorching hot metal piercing through your skin, shattering your breastbone and piercing through your beating heart. The impact was so strong that you fell over. Your head hit the ground first, making your ears rang and your vision grew hazy. It just felt very, very hot and your limbs felt very weak. You lied on the ground motionless, your eyes still wide open but not looking at anything.

You felt your body being lifted slightly and the world around you came into view. You let out a scream as the pain of a gunshot finally hit you. Your breath grew rapid as your chest grew hotter and more agonizing by the second.

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You saw his lips quivered - he was so scared. You wanted to touch his face so desperately, to tell him, you have forgiven him. He did what he had to do.

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