How do you hook up a rca sound bar

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you. I am trying to connect the to to my Yamaha YSP soundbar. Do I have to use the optical out cable as well as the hdmi arc? No sound comes out unless I have both connected. I have a Samsung TV with HDMi audio output to a soundbar that also has optical audio output, can use this for wireless headphone receiver connection? I recently purchased a Vizio SB soundbar and connected it to my Samsung D television via digital optical cable. The soundbar works when I do this but have I set something up wrong or do I need to do this everytime I switch from my multiple sources connected to the soundbar.

Had the tv screen for years, works great to watch DVDs. Greetings, Have tv with 4 hdmi, stick, optical light hole, phone jack, and video yell. Sound bar has dc in jack, aux in R L jack, line in 3. Bought digital optical audio cable.

Connecting Devices through Your Television

This cable does not seem to fit into the square hole in tv or bar. Is there another way or an I doing this wrong? The optical cable should fit. I am looking for a soundbar solution but am not sure it will work in my set up. All the audio from those devices is currently on TV speakers only. What type of soundbar do I need that will mount to TV and handle all the sound from the receiver and Netflix direct from TV?

The sound is much improved. What do I need to do in order to control the volume on the soundbar using the same remote that I use on the TV? I have a Philips tv which has hdmi arc port and I have a lg sound bar 2. How do I connect … awaiting ur valuable reply. Like every other TV, my smart tv came pre-installed with Netflix, amazon etc.

My questions is, if i play everything directly though smart content on the TV and have nothing else attached like Bluray, direct TV, any sort of receiver etc.

I am installing a JBL 3. I get sound from both the soundbar and the TV Speakers. I have turned the TV Speakers way down but I still get a slight echo.

Connecting a Sound Bar to an Element TV

You mentioned in a previous response using the headphone jack to turn off the TV Speakers. Does that work for the audio output jacks? Hi there can you have both the optical cable and th hdmi cable plugged into the sound bar at the same time? Or is this not allowed. Thank you Kind regards Neil.

How do I hook up my RCA sound bar to my 65" RCA curve tv

Your email address will not be published. Shop Sound Bar Speakers. Connecting a sound bar using a TV as the hub. Connecting a sound bar and using it as the hub. April 1, at 5: April 2, at 6: February 2, at 7: June 19, at 9: October 24, at October 24, at 1: January 9, at 8: January 9, at 9: Hi Can you tell me if i connect a sound bar or a subwoofers to my tv will i lose the tv speakers sound? January 15, at 1: January 19, at 9: October 16, at 1: October 20, at 7: January 20, at 7: January 21, at 8: February 7, at February 8, at 7: February 11, at February 12, at 9: February 12, at February 15, at 2: February 16, at 7: April 6, at 4: February 16, at 4: February 17, at 8: June 29, at 7: August 20, at February 17, at February 18, at February 25, at 7: March 1, at 1: March 2, at 6: March 5, at March 14, at 8: April 7, at April 30, at 5: May 13, at May 27, at 7: Does your Roku have an analogue output?

If not, then you may need a sounder with HDMI inputs. May 28, at 1: June 4, at 5: July 2, at July 12, at July 14, at 2: August 13, at August 16, at 5: August 31, at September 5, at 2: September 10, at 9: September 14, at September 23, at October 13, at October 15, at 4: October 26, at 4: November 25, at 4: November 6, at 6: November 9, at 4: December 9, at January 2, at 2: January 10, at 2: January 30, at 8: There should be a factory reset for your TV if you search on Google.

How do I connect a sound bar to my rca tv that doesn’t have optical input - [Solved] - Home Theatre

February 11, at 7: February 18, at 9: April 12, at 6: May 20, at 5: August 16, at 2: August 20, at 6: August 23, at 4: Are these items not compatible? November 30, at 8: January 31, at February 8, at 8: February 18, at 6: July 17, at 6: August 8, at 6: August 12, at 9: September 18, at 2: October 15, at 9: October 16, at 7: November 27, at 4: December 29, at December 31, at January 27, at 2: May 2, at July 5, at 3: August 27, at 7: September 15, at 7: September 28, at 2: Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Customer Service Why Choose Audiogurus?

Sign Up for Discounts. I'll wait to hear from you on whether or not that is all I need, the one cable?

Thank you for helping me, denise. This one probably won't work since I already have it, LOL!! Ok, gotcha, thank you so much, now I can go get all I need at once.

I went down to get one that looked just like your picture, and knew it had to be RCA Coaxial, and the guy at radio shack actually, Ace Hardware now has an electronics dept. He assured me it would work as long as I put the red in both devices same color. So I plugged it into the orange in both devices, and nothing happened I tried the remote for the soundbar and it did turn it on, but from there I was lost as to what other settings I might need to make.

Any ideas on what I might have left to do, or did the guy tell me wrong on the cord? He said they are only colored because to color-code. The one I bought is an RCA like the black you showed me. He said it had to be RCA because those are for audio especially. So it has to be the black, identical to what you showed me.

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Sanyo Tv & Rca Soundbar Question

Ok, I'm gonna have some words for that guy tomorrow. They are lucky they are closed now. Thank you much, denise. Before I order it, is this one going to be right for me? I think it is but I don't want to make yet another mistake.

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  5. How do I hook up my RCA sound bar to my 65" RCA curve tv - Home Theatre.

Ok, I read about this one and it sounded like yours although it looks a little different I so hope it will be ok. I got it cheaper shipping was more than the cord at Walmart site on Amazon. It wasn't a lot of money so not a huge loss if it isn't right. You may need to shut off your TV's internal speakers and you will need to select the digital input on the soundbar.

Using Your Television or Your Sound bar as Your Media Hub

Just Playin , Oct 4, Ok JP, I don't know why I didn't think to look at the dang manual myself. Thank you for the links, and it should work for me. As I mentioned, I'll have to wait til Friday to get my cord denise. Cannot thank you enough!! Next time you say "use this one" I'll listen and not take for granted someone at the store knows what they are talking about denise, sometimes I think I should spell it densie, LOL!! I can hear my tv!! I suspect it's more the setting than the cord.

Just Playin , Oct 7, The settings didn't work with the other cord if that's what you mean?? I do realized I should have gotten a soundbar that had a volume leveler, this was doesn't and it was awful watching one movie I tried on amazon. Grab the remote everytime a plain landed on an aircraft carrier, LOL! So now I'm thinking it might be best to take this one back and wait til I have enough to buy one with that feature.

how do you hook up a rca sound bar How do you hook up a rca sound bar
how do you hook up a rca sound bar How do you hook up a rca sound bar
how do you hook up a rca sound bar How do you hook up a rca sound bar
how do you hook up a rca sound bar How do you hook up a rca sound bar
how do you hook up a rca sound bar How do you hook up a rca sound bar

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