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In search of the perfect pub: what makes a great British boozer?

But she would have looked better and sent Leanne through the roof. However, and I like her, she does know this will get her attention and she likes the attention. Huge difference. The commenting just makes Brandi look bad.

See a Problem?

She needs to listen to her publicity mentors and keep herself above all that bickering. She can succeed on her own. Congrats to Brandi on her second book. The first one was a very refreshing read because of her honesty. I hope the second is the same. She gets no radio play or large venue play so she has to push her crap on twitter. In two weeks no one will ever hear of it again…. It is available on Amazon — I bought it there. Honestly I think it would be pretty amazing if a D-list celebrity like Leann could manipulate rankings on itunes…..

Personally, I feel rehab is inching closer and would be beneficial to nip her obvious over-imbibing before it gets out of hand again. She looks tipsy in the Daily Mail pictures. One thing Jennifer is not qualified to do is advise her to stop having face-ruining injections and surgeries.

ITA, and think about the message it sends to your kids.

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They already have HPV Eddie as one adult role model. She should play to her strengths and not her weakness in the next book title. What everyone is witnessing is the continued morphing of a non-entity into a commercial money-generating enterprise. As long as people are consuming the information being spread and publicized, any organizations or businesses that depend on the masses tuning in will be happy to spur on and encourage a Brandi or a Kardashian, etc etc etc.

Having a larger than life personality guarantees that someone producer will continue to put a contract in front of you. If you can live with that, more power to you. And she probably knows it. Soon enough people will move on to the next train wreck, and Brandi, LR, EC and the whole crazy whack of people involved in this circus will be left with nothing but the sounds of crickets and a lifetime of embarrassing pics, videos and gossip bits floating the ether to forever remind them of how ridiculous it all was.

R29 Original Series

Sometimes I wonder if they manufacture this whole back and forth to stay relevant. How much attention would Brandi or LeAnne get otherwise? LeAnne would just be a has-been and Brandi a never-was. Who would date her??? Once she opens her mouth most men would be turned off. I can see her in one-night stands only. Agreed, she is the last person who should be giving advice on dating.

She has admittedly slept around A LOT both before and after her marriage. During her interview with Howard Stern she admitted it was HER idea to bring other women into her relationship with Eddie. She also admitted to dating a much older man for a year after her divorce based entirely on the fact that he had money. Throw in her HPV status and advice to married girlfriends to try a threesome to spice up a marriage.

Drinking and Dating: P.S. Social Media Is Ruining Romance by Brandi Glanville

These kind of revelations are turning former supporters off. According to her interview with Howard Stern, many of her girlfriends do threesomes and their partners watch. If they like her she is passed around between the various couples.

BOOZE And DATING (The Importance of Drinking Compatibility)

Interestingly, with Howard she admitted the action between the women was NOT just above the waist like she claimed earlier. Remember, she always gave the impression she was doing threesomes for Eddie, but now admits she was the one who brought it up and she liked the results hotter sex with Eddie. Eddie was not allowed to participate. Leann added more legal charges against Kim Smily and her family. She is obsessed with hurting and bankrupting this special needs teacher and mom of six kids.

I read over on ROL this morning that they both declined each others settlement offers but I dont think it said anything about more charges. Isnt the trial supposed to be this month? LR doesnt stand a chance with this. She knows her case has no merit considering the circumstances.


Rimes is spending a ton of money on her lawyer who has pressured law enforcement to pursue this case. Eventually, Rimes will drop it if Kim stays strong and we continue to help her with finances. Leann has no control over what charges prosecutors choose to pursue, if you want to complain about it talk to the DA who authorized it. I just checked ROL and the only they mentioned was that prosecutors were investigating the criminal charges but it didnt look like any charges were filed at this point. I really hope Smiley has a great lawyer that can expose all the other lies LR has been telling regarding this case.

She looks like such an evil, narcissistic fool for going on about this. I doubt anyone would have even remembered anything about it if it wasnt for this lawsuit. However, many have viewed what Leann does with them and to them with growing alarm. Brandi seems sweet, but not exactly a genius or articulate. She needs to step back in terms of calling stuff out on twitter, like not being able to get hold of them or whatever because putting things in a public forum guarantees a reaction like she gets. She is going to turn a lot of people off, and since she is trying to make her living in the public eye, she needs to start thinking before she talks and thinking about how she is presented.

She keeps saying there is no other way for her to make money- probably reasonably true as she was a model and has no education and is middle aged- so if she wants to cement herself career-wise, she needs to THINK and acquire a filter. After seeing the video someone posted yesterday, I think Eddie should do a reality show. Suggested title: Kharmony or My Life of Kharma. He would be the central character and it should be unscripted. Let them alter their appearance, take digs at each other on social media and whatever else while he grimaces through another day of self-created chaos.

Her ego must be over the top, sales or not. She will have the critical acclaim to bask in for her vocals, songs, songwriting, and praising the personal nature of the album.

11 Summer First-Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Drinking

She will be even more smug now and feel validated. However talent alone will no longer save her. The only fans she has left are the ones who act like complete psychos. But I downloaded it. You Ruin Me I related to myself, how hard I first fell in love with my husband when we met.

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Excellent album. She lost the softness and expression to her face with all the work. Also, her older music I can picture the LeAnn I remember from 19 to 26, I guess because of her cover photos on albums where she was so cute. You can hear an extended preview of each song on iTunes.

drinking and dating book Drinking and dating book
drinking and dating book Drinking and dating book
drinking and dating book Drinking and dating book
drinking and dating book Drinking and dating book
drinking and dating book Drinking and dating book
drinking and dating book Drinking and dating book
drinking and dating book Drinking and dating book

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